HS Custom Designs Inc.

 Who we are as a company, we are HS Custom Designs Inc. We Manufacture and import Retractable roof systems and Retractable balcony and window systems. We have been in business globally for a successful 27 years established in Istanbul & Bursa, Turkey. We have been located on Long Island, New York, USA since 2016, and have been successfully building Retractable Roof and Retractable Balcony Systems here in many states like; New Jersey, Boston, Miami, Florida, Chicago, Upstate New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Manhattan. We are on a venture to introduce our Retractable Roof and Retractable Balcony systems all across America. We offer many climate controlled Retractable Roof and Retractable Balcony Systems with a wide range of different service. Our goal is to be familiarized for our passion for excellent quality and service for our home owning and business owning customers.

 Our Custom Sized Retractable Roof and Retractable balcony systems are very compatible with each other. With a panoramic non-obstructive view that has classy features like built in LED lights, elegant yet heavy duty aluminum frame to with-hold heavy wind-load and snow loads, and 100% outdoor element protection with the desired open air feel with a push of a button.

 HS Custom Designs Inc. would like to offer any client who is interested in our versatile retractable Roof and Retractable balcony system to please contact us.

Thank You for your Interest with Retractable Roof and Retractable Balcony Systems.

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