Retractable Roof & Balcony Systems – How Are Systems Work
HS Custom Designs Inc. Structures Retractable Roof & Balcony Systems are specifically designed to make the most efficient use of any outdoor Residential or Commercial Space. The Retractable Roof System is a Elegant design with 100% Protection against Natures Elements like Fierce Mid-day Sun, Rain.

  •  Retractable Roof Systems is the ultimate Shading system when it comes to Your desired outdoor location giving you Maximum efficiency, Copleate Mobility, and Protection & Accessibility.
  1.  Retractable Roof Systems & Retractable Balcony Systems
    Have several Unique features that give them a distinct edge over traditional patio or deck awnings and zip covers. Our systems are Custom designed to make sure our Clients get the most out of their outdoor living space.
  • High degree of Retractability Roof & Retractability Balcony
    100 % non-obstructive panoramic views is all you get with Retractable Roof and Balcony Structures. Let there ne more Air than oxygen inside your room.
  • Customized to any size
    Retractable roof & Balcony Systems are Modular & customized to meet Any size requirements
  • Strenght, Durability & Safety
    All of our systems are Designed with a Easy-Flow Integrated Gutter system ( Wide Depths for Larger Projects)*
    HS Custom Designs Retractable Roof & Balcony Systems meet the fallowing minimum specifications:


  •  Wind Load Resistance :
    110 MPH ( 55 meters per second)
  •  Snow load:
    up-to 1 lbs. per Square foot*
  •  Frame & System Operation
    Galvanized Steal & Aluminum. Available With elegant styles and color finishes, High End Commercial and Residential structures with a sleek polishes exterior.

All of our Retractable Systems Operate with Somfy Motors. Includes Built in LED Lights operated with a sleek Remote Control with up to 5 section controls.

  • Enclosing with Retractable Balcony systems with a panoramic Material Option
  • Tempered glass, Plexi-glass, or Mica-Vinyl
  •  Fabric
    100% Uv- proof, Water resistant polyvinyl chloride
  • Grade Class 2 Fire Retardant
  • Mildew and Mold Proof
  • Resistant to 150,000 Folds

* Ask About Customized to withstand Greater Wind Speeds and Snow Loads.

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