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 Retractable Systems
 For restaurants that prefer a temporary enclosure to keep the party going, than don’t look and further than Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems. Our Retractable Balcony Systems is the best way to go.  Don’t cancel plans when the weather threatens, and save yourself and staff the task of “winterizing” your space each year. When it comes to Retractable Balcony enclosure Systems, we have many different temporary enclosures, and we use only the best quality clear mica Vinyl on our outdoor seating enclosure with Retractable Balcony Systems.
 Our most modern product the retractable balcony enclosure systems with clear mica Vinyl material provides glass-like clarity and long lasting durability. Mica Vinyl allows warm sun light to come into any outdoor seating keeps all weather, pest, dust, pollen outside. Keeps cooling and heating locked in for climate control. Our Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems are great as a temporary enclosure with the push of a button that will protect your commercial and residential outdoor patio furniture, cushions, carpets and furnishings from summer storms, too!
We can customize all of our outdoor Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems to your commercial business no matter if it’s a Cafe, Rooftop Lounge, restaurant romantic secret garden, speakeasy restaurant in the following ways:

  • Choose from one thousand RAL color chart selection colors for all framing finish and also we can customize beautiful Wood-like finish.
  • Tinted glass for Retractable Balcony enclosures.
  • Glass with company logo, text or image.
  • All commercial fire retardant materials that pass NY city/ state fire marshal code.
  • Custom panel and window sizing.
  • Tempered Glass panel, double insulated glass for inside mounting.
  • Add air conditioning to make your patrons cool and comfortable on hot summer days. Add heat on those cold New York days and nights.
 We have completed many successful Retractable Roof and Retractable Balcony Systems Projects for five star hotels like The Marriott, Resort Hotels like Surfside On the lake Lake George, NY, five star Restaurants, lounges, government operated day care center, and residential homes and many more with a great reference of satisfied customers all throughout New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island and many States in the USA.
 As a commercial restaurant owner, when you invest into your business with Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems enclosure, your new upgraded outdoor seating will be warmer,
Dryer and cleaner making it useful all year round. No need to bring in any furniture, pillows and cushions for the season. Make the most beneficial investment to your restaurant or residential home and spend more time out doors with your patrons and loved ones.
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