“Retractable roof & balcony Systems”, a division of Retractable Roof We Specialize in the Design-Build of Architectural Space Enhancement Solutions and Retractable Roof And Retractable Balcony Systems. HS Custom Designs Engineers Sleek and Modern Kinetic Outdoor Space Enhancement Systems Works with Only the Finest Textile Fabrics, Precision-Crafted Durable Frames and Attention-to-Detail team of Installers.

Custom Fabricated to size Retractable roof and retractable balcony enclosure systems. Great for Outdoor Wedding Venues and Vine yards for hosting 360- degree panoramic views when looking from any point.
 Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems is the beginning of a great season of 2018 for any commercial and residential outdoor space.
Calling out to All property owners, upgrade with your tenant rent and add elegance to your building. if you are a tenant, you are probably paying Top Dollar to rent your beautiful location to serve and have your patrons enjoy. Also because we are in a state that has an amazing Outdoor dining culture, in one of the best states New York, So why not get the maximum of all of your outdoor seating space and let your patrons enjoy outdoor dining all year round. Perhaps your residential or best of all your commercial Back yard, Roof top, side walk cafe, outdoor patio, or waterfront deck. By adding a Table, couple chairs, now your feeding more hungry patrons under a Beautiful built in LED lights of Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems. You already have a beer garden garden, well let us help protect all your guests and you never will have to cancel any event because of the weather again! Be 100 % protected from all outdoor elements with Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems.
 Imagine all of the Amazing possibilities: improve your private event space, you can add heating and cooling units, fans and give your patrons the option to offer outdoor dining all year! Make your restaurant outdoor seating the place to be, where patrons never have to worry about any kind of weather. The Retractable Roof Systems can be installed to any commercial building restaurant roof, or totally free standing to the desired location that you want to cover. Our commercial Retractable roof and retractable balcony patio enclosure systems provide the maximum flexibility and can be used at a moment’s notice with the push of a button. Don’t cancel plans when weather threatens, and save yourself and staff the task of “winterizing”
Your space each and every year, or even season.  Say goodbye and upgrade with Retractable Roof and Retractable Balcony Systems.
 We would love to give your outdoor restaurant space a free estimate and prepare a rendering to show you how much you will benefit from Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems. Get the maximum profit from all of your business and let us increase your Seating with Retractable Roof and Retractable Balcony Systems. With our premium quality and service serving any state, we are approved for permits with down Time less than 2- weeks. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Retractable roof and retractable balcony systems.
Call 347 659 2424 And Lets create yourr restaurant outdoor seating an Inviting environment with Retractable Roof and Retractable Balcony Systems.
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